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Are You Facing Foreclosure or Garnishment?
Are Collectors Pestering You for Money You Don’t Have?
Have You Been Laid Off or Had Your Hours Cut?
Are Unexpected Medical Bills Ruining Your Budget?
Never Thought You Would Seriously Consider Bankruptcy?

Sometimes decent working people who really want to pay their bills just can’t.

When circumstances are against you, and the credit card companies raise your interest rate to ridiculous levels, and add late charges of $29 or $35 because you missed their deadline by one day (or they didn’t bother to post your payment on the day they received it), and then they add on an “over limit charge” every month because they decreased your credit limit, how can you ever get ahead? Don’t pay back three times what you borrowed. Get off the treadmill!

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Sometimes it’s not all your fault. The U.S. Government established the Bankruptcy laws to give you a “Fresh Start.” You CAN rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. Maybe filing bankruptcy will give you the breathing room you need to recover and become productive again, rather than hopelessly fighting lawsuits, garnishments, repos, and foreclosures with no end in sight, and a constantly decreasing credit score.

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