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“We were so overwhelmed by debt and nearly lost our house until Patty came to our rescue. We were in the last months of a 2 year battle on a wrongful foreclosure when we reached out to Patty. She resolved our problem so fast it was like a dream came true. The phone stopped ringing and the nightmares went away! Patty is our Guardian Angel!”

– A Chapter 7 client

“We never planned to be in this situation, but it was nice to have Patty help us through a difficult process. She was always available personally. It was nice not dealing with a huge firm that only viewed our case as a number. She was very helpful, kind, and understanding.”

– C.S., a Chapter 7 client

“Jeff Williams is an intellectual powerhouse attorney– highly recommended. Very competent and understanding. We used him to handle a complicated corporate matter some time ago, and we were very pleased with his work. Reasonably priced and high quality work.

– A Corporate client

“Patty and Jeff really helped us through a very difficult time and made us feel at ease.”

- A Client

“My sister recommended Jeff Williams to me when I needed an attorney. She sang his praises to such an extent I knew she must be exaggerating. I was pleasantly surprised when working with Jeff that everything my sister said about him was correct. He is the nicest, smartest, most understanding attorney I have ever worked with. He is a person of high moral character, as well as being pleasant on every occasion I have spoken with him. I would feel comfortable recommending him to anyone who needs help with bankruptcy and wills. This guy knows his stuff, and you can rest assured that Jeff will do his best on your behalf.

– Sue, a Chapter 7 client

“Patty was very friendly and easy to work with. She explained everything for us beforehand. I lost my job and could no longer pay the house bill, Chase wouldn’t modify it so we had to file chapter 7. Chase was actually putting it up for auction without advertising it or notifying us. We found this out by accident two days before it was going to be auctioned. Patty got all the paperwork done quickly to stop it. This allowed us to stay in the house. Patty was usually available when I called but if not always got back very soon, sometimes even after hours. I would highly recommend her to anyone having to go through bankruptcy. For anyone reading this that is about to file bankruptcy, there is life after bankruptcy.”

– Wesley, a Chapter 7 client

“Mrs. Williams is a life saver, I was in desperate need of help I was a few days away from getting my pay garnished. I went to see her on Thursday afternoon and by Monday my case was filed and she had my garnishment stopped before it happened. Very professional and down to earth made me feel so much better about my situation…. I highly recommend her she gets the job done smoothly and takes all the stress away…..”

– Kymberlie, a Chapter 7 client

“The Williams were consistently helpful with the case that they represented us on, both with the government and other parties, and effectively got our case solved, and followed up with us on occasion, even after the case, as well.”

– Chris, a Chapter 7 client

“Working with Patty was like having my own mother looking out for me. She is very personable, easy to talk to, and able to explain the bankruptcy process and information needed in a way I easily understood. She helped us determine the best filing for our situation (a personal business that didn’t work out) and coached us through the in-person hearing in a way that put me at ease. I was so pleased that she attended the hearing with us and kept in regular communication throughout the process. Patty was easy to get ahold of and meet with at times that fit with our work schedules. Her office staff was also helpful and friendly.”

– Jamie, a Chapter 7 client

“When we finally decided to make the call to Patty’s office, my wages had already been attached once. We were given an appointment within a day. Upon walking into her office my first thought was “We can’t afford this,” but after sitting down and speaking with her a letting her know the whole of the situation, I found out I was wrong. She was upfront, honest and answered all our questions and approached all our concerns. If we came across something that she was unsure of she found the answer and notified us within a few hours. By the time all was said and done, She accomplished more than we expected. When my wages were hit the second time Patty got that back for me. We were pleased with the process from start to finish. I would like to add one more fact, Patty ALWAYS answered our calls herself and did not leave us with a machine or anyone else.”

– Carol, a Chapter 7 client

“Rarely is an attorney referred to a person who has a specific problem and then that attorney be the ideal problem resolver, but it happened to me. Attorney Jeff Williams is an exceptional legal counselor of the highest caliber. I found him to be qualified in knowledge and highest of character, who was not reluctant to share his faith, expertise, and fairness to me. I highly recommend him as an experienced source of handling legal matters.

– Jan McElroy, a Debt Settlement client

“Patty handled our chapter 13. She was great. Very knowledgeable. Personable. Returns calls promptly. She really smoothed the way for us. We would highly recommend her to anyone with debt/bankruptcy issues.”

– A Chapter 13 client

“Patricia was always so dependable! She assisted us every step of the way handling herself in a professional manner. She helped us through a bad situation, making us feel comfortable during the whole bankruptcy process. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!”

– Robby, a Chapter 7 client

“Mr. Williams gave good assistance brought about a very favorable resolution quickly in my case, and keeps me informed on relevant matters. Mr. Williams is trustworthy and very professional and will take care of your case HIMSELF, while most attorneys convince you for your business first and then ask a paralegal, an assistant or even an intern to handle your case. Who wants an intern to work for you while you are paying the attorney?”

– John, a litigation client

“Patricia will go beyond the limits to help you with anything and I loved working with her on our Bankruptcy. She always kept us informed of what was going on and what needed to be done next! Awesome Lawyer and I would/will recommend her to anyone needing a Bankruptcy Lawyer! Thanks Patricia for all you did for us!!”

– Kathy Rodney

“If you need an awesome lawyer, hire Patricia! She has always provided me with the best service I could ever ask for and I would highly recommend her, especially for bankruptcy issues!”

– A bankruptcy client

“Patricia really went the extra mile for us. We came in scared and at the end of our rope. When we walked out we both felt better, and we both mentioned that we thought we could see a hint of light at the end of the tunnel. She took care of everything and answered all of our questions in a timely and professional manner, and overall, did a great job for us. She walked us through the entire process and informed us of what to expect and what to do, and even what to wear to the hearing. She also has a lovely old-fashioned charm that is a pleasure to work with, and makes you feel like everything is going to be all right after all. She helped us through a very trying time, and I will always be very grateful for all her help and patience. I would highly recommend Patricia Williams to anyone that inquired.”

– Kenneth, a bankruptcy client

“Patricia was very knowledgeable and guided me through the process. She was always available by email or phone and responded quickly to any question or concern I had. She was a great lawyer to have during what was a very difficult time in my life, and even after my case was over would ask me how I was doing.”

– A Chapter 7 client

“We were fortunate to have Patricia Lyda Williams represent us in filing our Bankruptcy last year. Mrs. Williams guided us through each step, from the classes into the courtroom for the finalization of the procedure. As our attorney she kept us informed always and explained everything so that we could understand what we were doing She is still available if we have any questions. We would recommend her services to our best friends.”

– Joe Corinne Gilbert

“I was extremely nervous and embarrassed about filing bankruptcy when I call Patty’s office. At my first appointment I was immediately put at ease by her compassionate and knowledgeable manner. She provided me with everything I needed to move forward with my financial matters and treated me with a great deal of kindness. She made the entire process much easier than I could have imagined it would be. She is still available to me with any questions or concerns I have. I would recommend her services to anyone.”

– Debbie, a Chapter 13 client

“Filing for bankruptcy was not something I ever wanted to do nor had I ever planned for it. Patty was so kind and patient with me as she helped me understand my options. She was extremely sensitive to my needs and helped me put a plan together that will pay back my debts 100%. She was by my side at the hearing and successfully (and promptly) handled all issues and objections.”

– DR, bankruptcy client, Chapter 13

“During a very difficult time Patty helped us get through our Chapter 7 so we could get back on our feet and on with our lives. Patty was always understanding and compassionate about our case, kept us informed, and answered all of our questions as they came up over the weeks involved. Patty is extremely knowledgeable and closely guided us through the entire process. I am truly grateful that we found Patty and would highly recommend her to anyone having to go through bankruptcy.”

– Jim, a Chapter 7 client

“Mrs. Williams worked hard to help get my case resolved, and was very helpful explaining things when I had no idea what might happen next. I would defiantly use her again and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a friendly and knowledgeable lawyer!”

–Heather, a Chapter 7 client

“What a life saver. Patty Williams is currently handling my bankruptcy case. I could not have asked for a more professional and compassionate lawyer. I only met with her once and I knew I would make it through. Her confidence gave me peace of mind. She explained the steps and has kept me updated throughout the process. I highly recommend her to anyone who has financial struggles in this tough economy.”

– A Chapter 7 client

“Recently I retained the legal services of Jeff Williams and I am quite pleased with the outcome of my legal case. Mr. Williams, a true professional in every sense of the word, handled my case with the utmost professional care and attention. He demonstrated strong ethical conduct, and that he was knowledgeable, trustworthy, personable, and possessed an exceptional legal mind. Last but not least, Jeff Williams is not entirely focused on just taking your money, as he shows compassion, and always seeks to assist you with achieving the best possible outcome in the resolution of your legal matter. I would highly recommend Mr. Williams.”

– Clarence, a Debt Settlement client

“Mrs. Patricia Williams helped us so much when things got bad for us and we did not know what to do until we talked to Mrs. Patricia. She helped us with everything, anything we need she was there with us. So I thank her so much.”

– Helen, a Chapter 13 client

“Without going into too much detail about my particular cases, I’ve used Jeff Williams as my attorney on two separate occasions. In both cases, Mr. Williams was able to have my criminal charges dropped, without me ever having to enter a courtroom! Justice prevailed thanks to Jeff Williams’s expert knowledge of the legal system. I highly recommend Mr. J. Jeffrey Williams to anyone searching for quality legal representation!

–Jonathan, a Criminal Defense client

“I had personally known Patty prior to our filing bankruptcy. She was just a wonderful friend and I knew she would help us through a difficult time. She and her husband, Jeff, talked with us and gave us helpful information and recommendations. It was truly like having a friend as your attorney. She made a difficult process so easy. We appreciate all that she did for us and would highly recommend her and, in fact, we have recommended her to others. She is truly one of the nicest people you will ever meet.”

– A Chapter 7 client